How to use Steedos Workflow

Workflow users can initiate a request, select to approve or reject, search for records and print the application forms.

  • Initiate a request

  • Select a flow

  • Fill out the application form

  • Upload attachments

  • Save and Submit the request

  • Approval process

  • Select a form in “Inbox”

  • View the form and manage attachments

  • Select "Approve" or "Reject" and give your comments

  • Select the next step user(s)

  • Submit the form

  • Search for forms

  • As a an initiator, you can search for finished or cancelled requests in “Finished” and requests in approval progress in “In Progress”.

  • As an approver, you can search for the approved requests in “Outbox”.

  • Print forms

    • In “My Approval”, “My Applications” and “Monitor”, you can print the forms which you can see or search. All contents, including attachments names, approval history and approval comments, are visible in printed forms.


You can only print the forms in template styles in Standard version. But in Professional version and Enterprise version, custom styles are provided.