How to reassign approvers

Request initiators could contact with flow admins to reassign other approvers when the requests are still in one step for long time. Then the flow will continue to run after approval of others. Only space admins and flow admins have permissions to reassign approvers. The detailed steps are given below.

  • Enter the workspace, then click “Monitor”.

  • Click the “funnel-shaped” icon in the upper left corner in “Monitor” page.

  • Select the corresponding flow.

  • Click the form expected to be handled, then click the instance of the upper right corner of the button, reassign button will appear.

  • Select to change a proper assignee and then enter your reasons for reassignment.

  • Click “OK”.

The requests will be sent to reassigned approvers and they can search for the forms in their “Inbox”. The reassignment progress of forms will be displayed in approval history.