Intance Forward

  Intance forward can copy the contents of one intance, and achieve the jump between processes.For example, you have submitted an intance, this intance of the process has ended, but you can still forward this intance, and forwarded after the application is a new intance, where the contents of the same field will be copied to the new intance, so you You can save time to fill in intance.

  • You can select any file to be copied in "Inbox", "Outbox", "In Progress", "Finished", "Monitor" and then click the button in the upper right corner of this intance. The File Selection Forwarding button will appear.
  • After selecting a process that commits new intance, the system adds an intance and copies the contents of the same field name in the original intance into the new intance.
  • Modify and submit, intance began to flow.


One of the items at the bottom of the Forward pop-up box is "Save the original form as an attachment", which is the original intance as an attachment to the new intance.