Carbon Copy

Carbon copy refers to distributing instances of "Inbox" to others for viewing.Recipients can view this intance in "Inbox" and sign comments.This intance is approved by the distributor, continue to the next step. Even if the process has been completed and archived, the recipient can still view this intance.

  • In the "Inbox", select the instance of carbon copy, click on the top right corner of the instance button, carbon copy button will appear.
  • You can select one or more recipients, this instance will appear in the recipient's "Inbox" and marked with the word "Carbon Copy".  
  • The recipient can fill in their own views in this instance, and the system will automatically record their views which will be displayed in approval history of the form.
  • When this instance is the current processor (distributor) after approval will continue to flow down, the recipient has been viewed this instance does not affect the normal flow of this instance.