Fill in application forms

As a general user, you just need to initiate a request and fill in the form as required. Before that, admins have finished form designs and permission settings. Detailed steps are listed below.

  • Select your workspace after you log in Steedos.
  • Click the “+” button and select a flow,the new intance appears automatically in the "Drafts".
  • Fill in the application form as required.
  • Click the U-shaped button, select a file path, and you can upload one or more attachments that will be visible at the bottom of the form. Move the cursor to an attachment, and an X-shaped icon will appear. By clicking the icon, you can delete the attachment.
  • If you are not eager to submit this intntance after the fill, click the upper right corner of this intance button, there will be "save" option, click the option to save this intance.
  • Submit your application form.


  • You are supposed to change the initiator if you submit the application for others. The system set the account owner to be the initiator defaultly.
  • You are supposed to fill in all the fields marked with icon “*”. Otherwise, you cannot submit the form.
  • Those fields that are not required to be filled in manually, e.g. price (unit price * quantity) and total (the sum of ... ), will be calculated automatically according to the settings of the administrator.