Versions comprision

Steedos Workflow offers 3 versions, include standard version, professional version and enterprise version.

  • Standard version

  • Monthly charge:free

  • Storage space:1G

  • Technical support: ¥500 per time

  • Number of users: Unlimited

  • Features: approval, attachments management, flows design, organizations management, 256-bit SSL encrypted transmission and app landing.

  • Professional version

  • Monthly charge:¥20 per month for individual user

  • Storage space:10G

  • Technical support: 10 times free per year

  • Number of users: no less than 10

  • Features: forms exporting, custom print format, foreground form script, API, custom home page, external applications access.

  • Enterprise version

  • Monthly charge:¥60 per month for individual user

  • Storage space:100G

  • Technical support: free

  • Number of users: no less than 200

  • Features:Set up an independent private cloud server, bind domain names for the corporation, custom exclusive login page, integrate with existing business system, offer a unique customized App.