Users are able to submit and approve various requests online once they have done the settings below.

  • Create a workspace for the cooperation.

  • Add organizations, flow roles and space users.

  • Design forms using workflow designer. Items mentioned below should be taken considerations.

  • Contents

  • Display format

  • Field property: Required

  • Field property: Formula

  • Field type: Table

  • Design the flow and set permissions according to the approval process. Items mentioned below should be noticed in flow designs.

  • Who is (are) the next step user(s)?

  • Is it a countersignature node?

  • Whether it can be rejected?

  • Can the fileds of form be modified by next step user(s)?

  • Whether it can automatically select the step user(s) according to some fields?

After the settings, users can select a flow and initiate a request.