Form tables

We usually need to insert a table in a form in daily work. Such a table, which consists of several arrays, is similar to a list. As a result, initiators can input arrays of information when they fill in forms. For instance, “Expense Reports”in reimbursement is a table.

You can take the following steps to insert a table.

  • Click “Add Fields” in form design interface.
  • Then add a table field by dragging it to the proper location in the form.
  • Modify its name to "Expense Report".
  • Add a “Drop-down” field and modify its name to Expense Category. Next input “office supplies”, “travel expenses” and“meal allowance”in list values box.
  • Add a “Number” field and modify its name to “Amount”.
  • Add a “Date” field and modify its name to“The date when the expense is incurred”.
  • Finish other steps and save the form.

As a result, users can click “+” button in the reimbursement form to add more detail information. The fields of new array are the same as above.