Formula of form name

Each form submitted has a system name consisting of random name and serial number. We can use proper formulas to modify form names so that we can easily find specific forms.

How to modify formulas of form names

  • Click “Workflow Designer” in “Settings”.
  • Select the specific flow according to flow category.
  • Enter the form-editing page and then click “Form” instead of “Workflow”.
  • Click on “Properties” and you can see “Descriptions”, “Form.Form_script”and “Name Formula”.
  • Then we can input different formulas to modify its names.

How to write and edit formulas

  • Name the form with single field in it, such as {Trip Destination}.
  • Name the form with the combination of several form fields, such as “{Trip Destination}+{Departure Date}”.
  • Name the form with the combination of a default value and a field, such as “On Business”+ “Trip Destination”.
  • Name the form with several system fields, such as “Submit_date”+ “applicant_name” +“insname”.