Form fields

Field types

Steedos Workflow provide users with several field types for better form design。Input field,selection field and others are included in Steedos Workflow.

  • Input field

    • Text: It is the most commonly used field type and the format in it is limitless.
    • Number: Users must input numbers in it.
    • Date: Users can select a date and it will displays in “yyyy-mm-dd” format.
    • Date-Time: Hour and minute will be displayed except for year, month and date.
    • YesNo Box:Users can select yes or no.

    In “Input field”, you must input information through keyboard or mouse.

  • Selection field

    • Drop-down: User can only select one from preset options.
    • Select User: All space users will be displayed in options whether their accounts are valid or not.
    • Select Dept.: All organization names in full path format will be displayed in options.
    • Checkbox: User can only select one from preset options.
    • Radio: User can select one or more from preset options.
  • Others

    • Section: admins can classify fields into sections according to their contents.
    • Table: admins can inert a table for applicants to input kinds of detail information.


  • Field Name: It is stored in database and cannot repeat in the same form. Field Name, instead of Display Name, will be used in formulas and conditions.

  • Display Name: It will display in the form and can repeat in the same form. Display Name is the same as Field Name by default, and you can modify it.

  • Required: When “Required” is selected, the field will be marked with “*”. It means that the information is significant and required. Applicants cannot submit requests without having finished all required fields.

  • Wide: When “Wide” is selected, the width of the field will be two columns. Or, it will be one column.

  • Default Value: It can be preset if necessary.

  • List Values: Please input all options.

  • Select type: “Multiple Choice” and “Single Choice” .


Field Name is unique in the same form, but Display Name can repeat.