User Settings

Here comes to space user settings.

  • Enter the workspace.
  • then click “Space Settings”.
  • Next, click on “Organiaztions”.

In the pop-up interface, you can do more settings.

Add a new user

  • Click the “Invite Users” button.
  • Enter user’s name, email address, parent organizations and manager.
  • Click “Create”.

Edit user’s information

  • Click the pen shape button of the space users.
  • And then you can modify name, organization and manager if necessary.

Delete a user

  • Click the “×” button in the lists of the user.
  • Then confirm to delete it.

Sort user

  • Each user has a sequence number, and the system defaults no sequence number for each user and compares each of the two user in a specific order.
  • Select a user, edit, modify the sort number to reorder.
  • The user with the higher sequence number is in front.


The new added account is valid by default. You can tick the selection box to disable it if necessary.