Organization settings

In Steedos Workflow,space admins should finish settings previously, including organization settings, user settings and flow role settings. Here comes to organization settings.

You can establish a multi-tiered corporate structure in Steeods Workflow. Enter the workspace and click on “Workflow”. Then click on “Organization”, and you can do more settings.

  • Create a new organization     - Root organization. After entering the interface, click the “+” button. Then enter its name to create the root organization. - Sub-organization. When organization A select organization B as Parent, A becomes the sub-organization of B.
  • Edit an organization
    • Click on Pen-shaped button of the organization, and then you can edit the “Name” and “Parent” of it.
  • Delete an organization     - Click on “×” button of the organization, and then confirm to delete and finish the steps. - An organization cannot be deleted if it has sub-organizations. You need delete all sub-organizations previously.
  • Sort organization
    • Each organization has a sequence number, and the system defaults to 100 for each organization and compares each of the two organizations in a specific order.
    • Select a organization, edit, modify the sort number to reorder.
    • The organization with the higher sequence number is in front.