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Steedos Workflow

Steedos Workflow is a cloud platform makes it super easy to turn your business processes into engaging, responsive, social software applications.


Steedos Workflow

Steedos Workflow makes it easy to automate your business processes and workflows. Draw a flow diagram, click a button, and your business process comes to life as an application. What’s more, your workflows run across all your devices, they’re real-time and social.

Draw Flow Diagram#

Simply draw the business process as a flow diagram. Using a simple point-and-click tool, you can create forms, logic and business rules, permissions and multi-user workflow, and interactions with third party applications.

Run Your Process#

At the click of a button, your flow diagram is converted into a fully-functioning software application. No need to call IT, our platform creates all of the underlying code, so you don’t have to worry about it. Our platform does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Monitor Everything#

Once deployed, your users can immediately start leveraging the benefits of your business process. We keeps track of everything that’s happening for you, so you can track progress and monitor usage. if you need to make a change, our platform ensures nothing breaks as you iterate and improve.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Apps#

Steedos Workflow is web-based and optimized for mobile devices, so you can access things using your mobile browser. Offline work support, push notifications and perfect performance of native app make it a handy tool for knowledge workers.

Extend & Integrate#

If your applications get too complicated, you can easily enlist your friendly IT developers to extend Steedos Workflow using the language of their choice. We provide full API access, make it easy to integrate Steedos Workflow into your projects.

Enterprise Scale#

As your business scales, we make sure you’ve got all the capacity you need. We do this using the awesome power of our enterprise grade cloud infrastructure. You create your business processes, we worries about scaling them.



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